Spanish vehicles... One of our main interests is to preserve

 all these unknown Spanish brands of cars, motorbykes, bicycles and engines.
Our collection includes a wide range of Spanish automobile brands: Hispano Suiza, Pegaso, Orix, Ricart, David, Bultaco, Montesa, Fuste, J&J etc.

The Bonet...
In 1889, Francesc Bonet i Dalmau, patented and built the first Spanish car and became one of the pioneers of the automobile worldwide. The Bonet is part of our history and the starting point of our automobile industry.

The international automobile...
Our Collection exhibits around 300 vehicles, including European and America cars and motorbykes.  Alfa Romeo´s merge with Lincoln´s and bodies Sphon with Fischer´s.

The bikes...
The mild weather conditions and the difficult economic situation during the 1950´s,  contributed to turn the motorbike into the most popular vehicle in Spain. Montesa, Ossa, Bultaco, Derbi are exhibited in our  Collection together with more obscure brands such as Iresa, Clua, de, shank, Montpeo or Motobic.

The library...
The library has always been an essential part of our Collection. With more than 4000 books, an extensive archive of newspapers, journals and pictures and more than 15.000 vehicles catalogues, our library is a point of reference for most of the studies abaout the history of  Spanish car industry.





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