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SALVADOR CLARET I NASPLEDA (Vilanna, Girona) 29 August 1909 - Sils, Girona 18 August 1984

Salvador Claret dedicate much of his life to racing, in 1934, regenta in Girona, the Central garage, where animated by different friends created the first driving Girona. Man of innate vision built in 1948 the Hostal de la Selva, in the municipal area of Sils (Girona) totally avant-garde facilities: small cabins for rooms, restaurant, garage, service crane, petrol station, mechanical workshop etc, everything for the traveler or tourist visiting our country in car. Again, this installation was a pioneer of those built later at the foot of the road. Later in 1959, will open another hotel facility, also in Sils and the road nacional II, the hostel of the Rolls, you went through one of the buildings most singular, being by its form and decoration, of the 1960s. This tourist activity he was awarded the tourist merit medal in 1969.

But his great work by which is known and recognized internationally, is the search and retrieval of large amount of heritage technician, automotive and agricultural, started in the Decade of the sixties, which is considered as one of the protectors of this heritage in Spain. This enormous task will lead to the creation of the series Dautomobils Salvador Claret in Sils, Museum has a collection of more than 300 pieces, including automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles and various automotive parts forming part the system of the Museum National Museum of science and technology of Catalonia.

Not only his work was search, but rather, with the historian Joaquim Ciuró i Gabarró published and published the first book on the history of the Spanish racing: history of the automobile in Spain.
His great love encouraged him to practice the motor sport to participate in many races, some with charity, as the race for the Roig international relief in the circuit of Montjuic during the Civil war and in which participated with a car loan from the actress Madeleine Caroll. Later, in 1953, together with Giovanni Pazé, creates the international organization of automobile competitions (OICA), which will develop different competitions, both in Spain and in France and Portugal, and in which they participated very actively. He also founded the Motor Club of Girona, in 1959, entity that will organize different races of the Championship of Spain of motorcycle racing, karting, using as circuits some streets, previously closed to traffic, the city of Girona. Racing motocross and the international caravan of cars and Vetustos Girona Costa Brava were other initiatives.

In 1978, on behalf of the series dAutomobils Salvador Claret organized the first edition of the LLotja in Lautomobil i the old bike in Sils, the first market fair dedicated to the sale of spare parts and old cars in the Spanish State.
However, despite its long history, always will be remembered in Gerona as the first and perhaps only person I venture down the stairs of the Cathedral by car.




Salvador Claret Naspleda Bugatti T37

Fotografia © Familia Claret


Salvador Claret i Naspleda Avions Voisin

Fotografia © José Luis Aznar


Salvador Claret and Joaquim Ciuró

Fotografia © Familia Claret


Salvador Claret Naspleda Ford T 1914

Fotografia © Francisco Alguersuari


Salvador Claret Naspleda Ford T

Fotografia © Familia Claret


With his friend Salvador Dali

Fotografia © Familia Claret



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