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Maçanet de la Selva

Caldes de Malavella

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The hot water

The Roman baths are a historical monument of national interest. Are you documentat month ben conservades of the municipality of Rome dAquae Calidae, current Caldes de Malavella. They are the best preserved remains of the Roman town of Aquae Calidae, current Caldes de Malavella. Faces shi can observe els laigua Ayuntamiento intactes passade mechanisms. The mechanisms of functioning of the water almost intact can still be seen. L building consists sand dune central swimming pool i a series of cambres Al voltant per rebre treatments guaridors. The building consists of a central swimming pool and a series of cameras around to receive healing treatments. Hi has three spaces to the last part, first is pensava that eren banyeres, but is tracta destancies on is prenien olis. There are three spaces in the rear, initially thought were bathtubs, but it stays where taking oils. Les seves característiques are Mediterranean salutiferes strapped to the probably culte Apol•lo d or d any altra malalties guaridora divinitat. Its features are eminently salutiferas linked to the cult probably of Apollo or of any other divinity curative of diseases.
I també d'aquesta hi area has lermita of Sant Grau, amb a llenc of i wall body of the medieval vila (Cal Ferrer on the plate i can't Trelles). Also in this area is the chapel of Sant Grau, with a canvas of the wall and the remains of the medieval town (Cal Ferrer of the Plaza and Can Trelles). Can Manegat i Ca l Estapé (Casa Rosa) are dues mostres modernist larquitectura in this area. They can Manegat and AC Estapé (Casa Rosa) are two samples of modernist architecture in this area.



Caldes de Malavella


Caldes de Malavella

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