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Santa Coloma de Farners is the capital of the region of La Selva and is located in the heart, on the border between the plain and the mountains of Les Guilleries. It currently has 12,200 inhabitants. It lies at an altitude of 142 metres above sea level; It is 24 km from Girona, 90 km from Barcelona, 30 km from the Costa Brava, offers a wide range of educational, cultural, medical services, food and leisure.

The municipality includes the neighborhoods of Sant Pere fenced, party, Sant Miquel de Cladells and Vall i Vallors. Santa Coloma enjoy land of transition: from the city towards the West begins jungle plain, while East are Les Guilleries mountains of LEspinau, Santa Barbara, and Serra del Corb. In this House of mountains there are scattered hills, valleys, depressions and necks, a set of hermitages of a great historical, artistic and religious attractions that are well worth a visit.

A visit to Santa Coloma has some essential references: its wide rectangular square with its old trees and majestic Bell Tower crowned. The ancient streets which depart from the square offer some modernist façades (Pare Rodés, Major,...), mirror of a desplendor time jump ahead at the beginning of the 20th century. It is worth walking around these streets that make up the commercial center of the city.

But without a doubt, are the surroundings of the city that the company is defined as a rest Centre: Park of Sant Salvador, with its fountains, current and walks or the balneari Termes Orion and the Magma thermal leisure centre



Santa Coloma el castell


Font de la Pau

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