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Our small town you open doors so that you enjoy a quiet place, diverse, which coexists in an environmentally friendly manner with the environment, and to work to keep their traditions and legends more alive than ever.
The Estany of Sils has been, and is, the most important element of the municipality, origin of our landscape and nature in our culture and history. Virtually every corner of Sils hide secrets around this natural space, which became the largest in Catalonia pond, before drying. The fiestas, legends, gastronomy, including the style of our people, saved a mysterious relationship with the waters of the pond.
But Sils does not end in the pond, discover the different landscapes by some of the trails to walk, the rich diversity of nature with the guided tours, the most intense sensations with the biking. And when you're tired, relaxes you in one of the accommodations rentals that you will find inside the kernel or isolated. You will also find a cultural offer which will allow you to learn about our history. Walk in search of the churches and the ancient masos and hostels that are still preserved, both in the town and more distant neighborhoods.
Coming to Sils is to enjoy relaxation and fun in a unique place in Catalonia, which offers much more than you think.



Els estanys

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L'acequia de Sils

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Les cuineres de Sils

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Circuit Multipistas

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Moto Clásica
XLII Llotja de Sils
Motor Club Girona

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