XLII Llotja de l'Automòbil i la Moto Antiga a Sils

The next Llotja de l'Automòbil i la Moto Antiga a Sils will be held on 6 and 7 June 2020

The Sils Llotja is the Dean of the fairs and markets dedicated to the old vehicles which is held in the Iberian Peninsula and by the high participation of exhibitors and affluence of public, is the most important of those held in the South of Europe.
Over the years la Llotja not only has become a large space of sales and changes in automotive history but it is also place of reference for international contacts among fans. During the days of la Llotja, Sils is the center of the old Spain automotive. The concessions of the places intended for the sale of drinks and meals, are always donated to cultural or charitable entities of Sils. La Llotja has this inscribed within the official calendar of Fires of the Generalitat de Catalunya with the collaboration of the Exmo. Ajuntament of Sils and with the support of Art i Gas, Clàssic Cover, Edicions Benzina, Hostal de la Selva, Motociclismo Clásico, Motos Clásicas, Petroselva, Plataformes Mobils.



XLII Llotja de Sils

Fotografia © CASC


XXXVIII Llotja de l'Automòbil i la Moto Antiga a Sils

Fotografia © albert cano


XXXVIII Llotja de Sils

Fotografia © CASC



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XLII Llotja de Sils
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